2021-May-9 07:59
2020-March-27  14:45

One Brit Dying from Coronavirus Every 13 Minutes as Death Toll Nears 600

TEHRAN (FNA)- A coronavirus patient dies every 13 minutes in the UK - with the daily death count having topped 100 for the first time on Thursday.

The deadly pandemic has now killed a total of 578 in Britain since the first known cases in January, while 11,658 have tested positive with Covid-19, Mirror reported.

This comes as figures show 4,300 beds in NHS hospitals have already been taken by virus patients as doctors, nurses and other medical staff work round the clock.

Roadblocks were put in place to catch motorists flouting the lockdown, with police to fine drivers if they do not have essential reasons for travel.

Police warned the public to stay home or face arrest after ministers granted them unprecedented powers to enforce the coronavirus lockdown, Daily Mail reported.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stressed that unless you are a key worker or helping someone vulnerable, the only reasons to go outside are to go shopping for essentials, exercise once a day or fulfil any medical needs. 

Those flouting the rules face fines of up to £960, and police can now arrest anyone found outside without good reason.

In addition, the Director of Public Prosecutions warned that anyone deliberately coughing at 999 workers to spread coronavirus faces up to two years in jail. 

Details about the sweeping new police powers emerged as checkpoints were set up on Britain's roads by officers demanding to know where motorists were going.

Worldwide, there have been more than 530,000 cases as the death toll climbs to at least 24,000.