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2020-August-1  17:50

Iran Strongly Blasts US for Sheltering Terrorists

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian foreign ministry on Saturday lauded the country’s security forces for capturing a US-based terrorist leader, and lambasted Washington for supporting terrorism.

Iran announced on Saturday that it has captured the ringleader of a US-based Tondar (Thunder) terrorist group, Jamshid Sharmahd.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi praised the security forces for arresting Sharmahd, and lashed out at the US for supporting and sheltering notorious terrorists who have claimed responsibility for several terrorist operations on Iranian territories while their hands are stained with the blood of innocent Iranian people.

He strongly protested at the US administration for sheltering and nourishing terrorist groups, and said, “The (US) regime should account for supporting the terrorist grouplet (Tondar) and other grouplets and criminals who guide the sabotage, armed and terrorist operations against the Iranian people from inside the US and shed the blood of the Iranian citizens.”

Sharmahd, who guided the armed and sabotage acts against Iran from the US, was arrested in complicated operations by the Iranian security forces and is now in the hands of the country’s intelligence ministry, a statement by the ministry said.

Tondar, or the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, also known as Soldiers of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is an armed terrorist royalist group seeking to overthrow the ruling government and restore the monarchy in Iran.

Tondar claimed responsiblity for the 2008 Shiraz explosion at the Hosseynieh Seyed al-Shohada in which 14 people, including children, were killed and 215 others were injured.

Mohammad-Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour, accused of being members of the terrorist group, were arrested and tried for the bombing. In January 2010, they were executed for waging war against God and attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

Tondar had also plotted for several other terrorist acts in Iran in recent years, including blowing up Sivand dam in Shiraz, detonating cyanide bombs at Tehran book exhibition and explosion of bombs during general ceremonies at late Imam Khomeini’s shrine. All these terrorist plots were foiled by the Iranian security forces.