2020-October-28 17:48
2020-August-14  14:57

Two Iranian Architects Nominated for Semi-Final Global Design Awards

TEHRAN (FNA)- London Design Awards has nominated two Iranian architects for semi-final stage of the contest for their unique design that enjoys Persian garden inspiration.

Iranian architects Nima and Sina Keivani, have designed a residential apartment called the 'House of Paradise', which enjoys beautiful motifs of Persian gardens, and pays special attention to light and plants in the decoration of the house.

The 'House of Paradise' has now reached the semi-final stage of the Design Awards, which is a very prestigious global award in the field of architecture held annually in London to showcase the best designers and architects.

During this event, the jury of the Design Awards review the top design and architecture projects and select 24 projects from the residential buildings sector from all over the world till reaching the semi-final stage.

Innovation, utility, being environmentally friendly, climatic conditions, and the use of native elements, are some of the factors that determine the votes of the jury of Design Awards.