2020-November-24 10:02
2020-September-23  17:24

VP: Iran to Export PCR Kits Soon

TEHRAN (FNA)- Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari said that Iran is preparing the needed grounds for export of coronavirus PCR kits, adding that the country is also increasing export of ventilators to different countries.

"Our knowledge-based companies and researchers are taking new steps in the field of coronavirus every day," said Sattari.

Underlining that Iran has exported in different fields of the fight against the coronavirus to various countries, he said, "We have export restrictions due to domestic production laws in some fields, which is also being coordinated to be more active in the field of export of ventilators and PCR detection kits."

Sattari reiterated that Iran is currently exporting serology diagnostic kits to the European and neighboring countries, and said, "In the field of PCR kits, we are planning and making the necessary arrangements to export these kits as well."

In relevant remarks in earlier in September, a senior Iranian medical official said that the country is exporting serological kits to foreign states to diagnose COVID-19 virus, adding that Iran conducts nearly 30,000 coronavirus tests every day.

Head of the National Reference Laboratory to Diagnose Coronavirus at Pasteur Institute Mostafa Salehi Vaziri made the remarks in an interview with the state radio.

“Although, difficult conditions exist for supplying raw materials due to the harsh sanctions, we are not in shortage of kits while conducting nearly 30,000 coronavirus tests per day,” he said.

Salehi Vaziri added that at present Iran is also exporting serological kits to diagnose coronavirus to other countries.

In relevant remarks in July, Director-General of Health Ministry's Public Health Laboratories Siamak Samiyee said that Iran was capable of doing over 30,000 COVID-19 diagnostic tests on a daily basis.

"There over 180 labs volunteer to offer services out of which 70 are private ones, some 80 to 90 belong to the Health Ministry and the rest run by armed forces and Science Ministry and others, conducting PCR tests," Samiyee said. 

He pointed out that 170 labs have been given licenses after their equipment and immunity to conduct the tests were proven by Pasture Institute's medical research center and started their activities under medical universities' supervision.

Samiyee referred to two methods for the diagnostic tests one of which was Molecular detection which is too expensive, requiring skilled staff.

The other method is the serology test which helps to estimate the rate of infections in the society and can be done within 1 to 3 months, he said. 

Samiyee pointed out that all the diagnostic kits are made in Iran and are distributed to the country's labs after their quality has been proven.