2020-November-25 11:49
2020-October-4  15:48

Iran, Russia to Cooperate on COVID-19 Vaccine Production, Ecology Issues

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran and Moscow are set to conduct joint research on the production of coronavirus vaccine and drugs, as well as the ecology of the Caspian Sea, an official with Iran's Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Department said.

"The Russian side was interested in conducting joint cooperation with Iran on the ecology of the Caspian Sea and vaccine and medicine of coronavirus," Head of the International Affairs and Technological Exchanges Center of Iran's Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Mehdi Qal'e Noei said while referring to the previous talks between Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology Sourena Sattari and Head of Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Sergeyev. 

He pointed out that during their meeting, Sattari and Sergeyev decided to form a joint working group consisting of activists from the two countries.

Emphasizing that the joint working group can pave the way for the development of scientific relations and cooperation between the two countries, Qal'e Noei said that some agreements will be reached on the Caspian Sea project and medicine and vaccines of coronavirus and etc. through this working group.

Stating that the Caspian Sea is shared with 5 countries and each country is interested in knowing the ecological events and environmental effects of the sea in each country, he noted that the joint research with Russia will also focus on the ecology of the Caspian Sea.

In a relevant development last month, Sattari Sergeyev held talks via videoconference. 

During the videoconference, Sattari said that the two countries have extensive and deep relations in the field of diplomacy, and it is necessary to achieve this level of relations in the field of science and technology as well.

Sattari voiced Iran's Presidential Scientific and Technological Department's readiness to develop scientific and technological cooperation with Russia.