2020-October-30 17:44
2020-October-14  13:25

Iranian Scientists Invent New Device for Injection without Pain

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers at Ardabil Science and Technology Park invented a new device which highly decreases pain during injection and does not need any drug for a local anesthesia.

“Children are often afraid of needles and even deny the existence of pain for fear of injection. Uncontrolled pain can lead to short-term and long-term physiological, psychological and emotional consequences in children,” Mojdeh Qaffari, the inventor of the device, told FNA on Wednesday.

“The device has been designed to reduce pain effectively and safely, and its mechanism is to reduce pain transmission from peripheral receptors to the brain. The device relieves children with needle phobia and has a quick effect,” she added.

“The special technology of the Inocool device does not require any chemicals for local anesthesia of the injection site, and it works as effectively as the expensive ointments or anesthetic sprays,” Qaffari said.

Iranian scientists have made good progress in production of different medical equipment in recent years despite the harshest sanctions against the country.

In a relevant development last week, The first home-made portable hospital oxygen concentrator package for the treatment of coronavirus patients made by MAPNA Group was unveiled on Saturday in a ceremony participated by Iranian Deputy Health Minister Qassem Jan Babayee.

“Given the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, MAPNA is ready to easily mass-produce hospital oxygenator systems,” CEO of MAPNA Group Abbas Aliabadi said on Saturday.

Meantime, Jan Babayee said that the first priority for the hospitals which receive coronavirus patients is supplying oxygen, and asked MAPNA to produce and supply oxygenator systems to hospitals and medical centers as soon as possible.

Earlier this year, a pioneering knowledge-based company in Iran had also produced a special oxygen concentrator system which can be used by the coronavirus patients at home.

“Oxygen concentrator is the knowledge-based product of the company. When the lungs are not powerful enough to pump the necessary oxygen into the blood, the system can increase the purity of the lungs’ oxygen,” Ali Ebrahimi, the CEO of the company said.

He added that the system has been manufactured in three home, central and portable versions.

Ebrahimi said that one of the most important applications of oxygen concentrator systems is for coronavirus patients who can use it at home without any need to visiting hospital.

An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply (typically ambient air) by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream.