2021-March-9 04:31
2020-October-16  19:56

Iran, Russia Hold Webinar on Environment

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran and Russia held their second expert meeting through video conferencing on environmental issues.

The impacts of degradation of the environment are beyond borders; hence, Iran has always tried to improve the environment by expanding ties with the neighboring, regional, and extra-regional countries," Head of the Iranian team Narges Saffar said on Thursday.

She added that the environment is de facto the foundation of sustainable development.

Referring to the fact due to heating, climate change, wildlife trafficking, and consumerism, the environmental challenges are increasing, Saffar said that the governments need to work together to protect the environment.

"Since long ago, Iran and Russia have been sharing experiences and expertise about the biodiversity, land and sea ecosystems, the endangered species, national parks, and the Caspian Sea," she added.

The event discussed biodiversity, hazards exposed to the environment of the water bodies, contamination of the Caspian Sea, the endangered species such as the Caspian seal, and improving the safety of the preserved areas.