2020-October-29 03:24
2020-October-18  15:22

Tehran, New Delhi Extend Ports Trade Discount

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Port of Shahid Rajaee in the Southeastern city of Chabahar and Indian ports of Jawaharlal Nehru (JNPT) and Kandla extended an agreement to offer 40% discount to cargos coming from or going to either destination for another year, according to a local official.

Director General of Sistan and Balouchistan Ports and Maritime Organization Behrouz Aqayee said on Sunday that the discount was introduced last year for the first time to help reinforce regional bonds, and increase transfer of goods between the two nations.

He said that since the Iranian and Indian ports agreed to set a 40% discount to port costs last year, both countries have witnessed a surge in bilateral exchanges so that Iran’s exports to India have increased over the past six months.

India’s 75,000 tons of donated wheat were sent to Afghanistan via Iran’s Shahid Rajaee Port last year, Aqayee said.

In relevant remarks in early September, Behrouz Aqayee said that India’s eighth wheat cargo for Afghanistan had berthed at Chabahar’s Shahid Beheshti port.