2020-November-30 14:27
2020-October-27  18:04

Iran: US Should Revive Undertakings, Compensate Damages to Return to N. Deal

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiyee said that if the next US president decides to return to the nuclear deal, he should both make up for the losses inflicted on Iran and ensure that it would not violate the agreement again.

“It's no different to us which president in the US will decide to return to the nuclear deal and stop troubling other actors' compliance with their undertakings. Any president who makes such a decision will be welcomed,” Rabiyee told reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

“But it is also necessary that concurrent with returning to the nuclear deal, the US accounts for the damages inflicted on the Iranian people by its withdrawal from the nuclear deal, and of course, it should be ready for other undertakings to ensure that such law-breakings would not be repeated,” he added.

Rabiyee said that as declared before, Iran is also ready to wind back its undertakings once the other sides implement their undertakings.

In relevant remarks last month, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh had also said that his country did not care who would win the presidential elections in the US, stressing that the important point was Washington's compensation of damages inflicted on the Iranian nation.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran does not care who becomes (the next) US president," Khatibzadeh said.

"The Americans are accustomed to launch counter-intelligence campaigns against some countries," he said in response to remarks by the Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration who claimed that Iran was interfering in the US elections.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran does not really care about US domestic policy; what happens inside the US is related to the American people," Khatibzadeh said.

"The important issue for Iran is that the US should fulfill its international obligations, stop bullying and arrogance and most importantly, respect the rights of the Iranian people and compensate for all the damage it has inflicted on the Islamic Republic," he added.