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2020-December-20  09:01

Carol Duff: Trump Denigrating Science, Medicine During Coronavirus Outbreak

TEHRAN (FNA)- Carol Duff, health expert, says US president’s public recommendations of “false treatments” has made the US the leader in coronavirus cases and deaths.

Speaking in an interview with FNA, Carol Duff said Trump “has had no strategy for managing this crisis… . He has repeatedly stated he is not responsible for the coronavirus pandemic and blames it on other factions such as the Democrats and China. Trump has not ‘dealt’ with the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Carol Duff, MSN, received a Master's of Nursing Science Degree as an Educator from the University of Toledo. She writes extensively on medical issues. Ms. Duff is the health editor of Veterans Today.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Q: How do you believe President Trump has dealt with the coronavirus outbreak?

A: President Trump did NOT deal with the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. In 2015, in response to Ebola outbreaks in Guinea, Obama’s White House National Security Council produced a detailed 69-page document (Playbook for Early Response to High-Consequence Emerging Infectious Disease Threats and Biological Incidents) on how to respond to a pandemic including novel coronaviruses pointing out that this is one of the pathogens would require a major response. In January of 2017, outgoing Obama officials led an in-person pandemic response exercise for incoming officials in January of 2017.

In 2018, Trump dismissed and for all intents and purposes discarded the pandemic preparedness plan, stating that states could and should take responsibility for pandemic preparedness, but no plan was in place to insure this happened.

Trump has denigrated science and medicine at every turn. He has had no strategy for managing this crisis. He has publicly recommended false treatments and protections that were medially harmful to the human body. He has repeatedly stated he is not responsible for the coronavirus pandemic and blames it on other factions such as the Democrats and China. Trump has not ‘dealt’ with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: Trump, who overlooked COVID-19, was himself infected with the disease. What does it indicate about his “leadership” in protecting the lives of Americans from the killer virus?

A: Trump, who continues to this day to campaign for the November presidential election, drawing followers to rallies where no masks or physical distancing is in practice, was often seen without a mask in public settings, even hospital visits, and has long stated that COVID-19 will just go away. Poof! He was “diagnosed” with COVID-19, hospitalized at Walter Reed for only three days where he was treated with everything but the kitchen sink and then publicly made a show of removing his mask when he would have been considered COVID-19 positive for at least 14 days post diagnosis. He then became a spreader of coronavirus. No thought to the well fare of those who work around him.

The White House became a super-spreader site for coronavirus. Again, I mention that Trump has had no use for science or medicine. This is a key factor in why the US is one of the leaders in coronavirus cases and deaths. Instead of practicing preventative measures he continues to downplay the utter seriousness of the toll that has been taken on a nation who has now lost almost a quarter of a million people to COVID-19.

The US should have come out as the world leader in fighting the fight against COVID-19 and had a battle plan for the pandemic. With a game plan that the entire world would follow, we could be seeing far fewer cases and deaths throughout the world. Instead Trump has performed in a very non-leadership way and continues to say and do whatever it will take for him to win the presidential election.

Q: The Trump Administration has attempted to rebrand its “emergency authorization” to “COVID-19 vaccine”. How do you view that?

A: Trump, in efforts to try to appear to be accomplishing something, as the days lead up to the November 3rd presidential election, seeks to interfere in all things COVID-19. This nation is in the throws of the coronavirus pandemic and those who are not blindly in Trump’s corner, cannot see how the US will ever go back to a state of normalcy, whatever that may mean. While Trump continues to play at being a president, he only cares about how he will look to garner votes.

Trump continues to pay no attention to advice by scientists and healthcare professionals, even though his lack of successful leadership during the pandemic will certainly harm him with any voter who can think for him or herself and is paying attention to what is going on around him or her.

While the COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to mount daily, Trump continues to ignore the utter seriousness of what coronavirus had done to the US and the world. Trump has turned a clearly medical/health/scientific issue into a political one. Politics has positively no place at the table in COVID-19 vaccine development and production, treatment formulation, and coronavirus prevention. Trump has never grasped the seriousness of this COVID-19 pandemic, had no plans to halt it, took no world leadership role to stop it, and continues to politically fiddle while we and the rest of the world burn.