2021-April-18 18:38
2021-January-14  12:20

US Declares Sanction against Iran's Corona Vaccine-Production Company

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US Department of the Treasury enlisted Iran's Headquarters for Executing the Order of Imam Khomeini (EIKO) which has successfully produced the country's first coronavirus vaccine among sanctioned entities.

The US Treasury Department targeted 16 Iranian entities and two figures, including EIKO and Astan Quds Razavi (AQR), their leaders, Mohammad Mokhber and Ahmad Marvi, and subsidiaries.

These are the latest actions to reinforce the “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran pursued by outgoing US President Donald Trump’s administration.

Other companies and entities sanctioned by Washington include Abadan Power Generation Company, Iran Combine Manufacturing Company, Mobin Iran Electronic Development Company, Mofid Rahbar Auditing Institute, Quds Razavi Housing and Civil Company, Quds Razavi Mines Company, Razavi Stock Exchange Brokerage Company Razavi Economic Organization, Quds Razavi Traditional Tile Company, Razavi Information and Communication Technology Company, Razavi Oil and Gas Development Company, Razavi Supply Chain Management Company, Shahab Khodro (car-manufacturing) company and Tadbir Drilling Development Company.

The astonishing sanctions on Iranian COVID-19 vaccine developer came hours after the first three Iranian volunteers received their second dose of domestically produced COVID-19 vaccine produced by the Headquarters for Executing the Order of Imam Khomeini (EIKO) on Wednesday.

The second dose of the home-grown COVID-19 vaccine (COVIRAN Barekat) was injected to the first three volunteers who had received their first dose on December 29, 2020.

As the Iranian vaccine COVIRAN Barekat has had no side effects after 14 days, the committee for supervising the vaccine has issued the permit for the second phase of injection.

The first three test subjects were the daughter of head of the Coronavirus Research Team of EIKO, Tayyebeh Mokhber, and two of the top managers of the organization, Ali Asgari, and Hamid Reza Khalili.

In a relevant development on Sunday, it was announced that Iran started coronavirus vaccination on the second 7-member group of volunteers.

After the successful injection of the domestically developed “COVIRAN Barekat” vaccine to the first group of volunteers and appearance of no side effects, the license was issued for a second group consisting of 7 volunteers.

The vaccination was carried out in the presence of the senior member of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus ِDr. Minoo Mohraz and an official of Tehran Medical Sciences University Dr. Hamed Hosseini.

“After getting the license from the relevant authorities, the vaccination to the third group begins on Tuesday morning,” Dr. Hosseini said and added, “Today, three people have been vaccinated and tomorrow 4 volunteers will get the jabs and the first phase will continue till vaccination of 56 people.”

Hosseini expressed hope that the approval for the second phase of vaccination will be issued by the end of January.

He went on to say, “I make it clear that this vaccine has been fully safe till this moment and none of the 7 volunteers of the previous two groups has seen any side effects, and that’s why the vaccination of the third group has been licensed.”

Minno Mohraz, also, said, “After a long time, this is the first time that the production and testing of the Iranian coronavirus vaccine is being carried out with observing all international regulations and parameters that are even stricter than the rules of the World Health Organization.”

She, too, assured that the 7 volunteers who have been tested with coronavirus vaccine are being visited every day and no side effects have been seen in them.

“After injection of the vaccine to 56 people, by early March we will enter the second phase of the human trial of the vaccine,” Mohraz said, adding, “God willing, in the next spring, the public vaccination of our noble people will start.”

Iran announced on Wednesday that all the 14 volunteers who have gone under the home-grown COVID-19 vaccine (COVIRAN Barekat) test are in stable and good health conditions.

Head of the monitoring team for human trials of the COVID-19 vaccine Hamed Hosseini said that the general condition of all 14 volunteers of the Iranian vaccine is good.

He said that the second injection of the Iranian vaccine was conducted on 3 people in the first group, adding that the general condition of 14 members of the first, second and third groups of volunteers is good.