2021-March-7 08:53
2021-January-26  12:52

Iran’s Razi Institute Ready to Start Clinical Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine

TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Iran’s Razi Serum and Vaccine Research Institute Ali Eshaqi on Tuesday declared preparedness to begin testing of another home-made coronavirus vaccine on volunteers.

“The license of the ethics committee has been obtained to start the clinical trial of the phases one and two of the coronavirus vaccine of Razi Institute,” Eshaqi told reporters.

“The clinical trial of the vaccine will start soon and we hope that given the one-hundred-year experiences of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in vaccination and successful completion of all clinical trial phases, production of this vaccine as a safe and efficient vaccine will start soon in the country and will be used by dear compatriots,” he added.

Earlier this month, Head of Pasteur Institute of Iran Alireza Biglari said on Monday that the country’s home-made vaccines will be ready for the nation's vaccination late in spring if they pass all tests successfully.

“The Health Ministry is trying to provide the necessary vaccines from foreign sources for priority groups; also, really good efforts are being made to produce domestically-produced vaccines and co-produce them with other countries,” Biglari said.

"But regarding the domestically-produced vaccines, the most optimistic case is that we can have the domestically-produced vaccines for public vaccination in June if all plans succeed,” he added.

Biglari explained that Iran's vaccine produced jointly with foreign states will go for extensive human trial phase in March, while public vaccination could start in June.

Biglari added that the vaccine made at Iran’s Razi Serum and Vaccine Research Institute will enter the clinical trial phase in coming weeks.

Biglari said in a televised program = that the COVID-19 vaccine produced by the researchers of Razi Institute will soon enter the clinical phase, adding, “With the success of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in animal experiments for the recombinant anti-coronavirus vaccine, approval of the Medical Ethics Committee [of Iran's Health Ministry] was issued for this vaccine.”

“The vaccine will enter the first phase of a clinical trial in the coming weeks, based on which, a limited number of volunteers will be tested for safety of this vaccine and then it will enter the next phase,” he added.

The Iran-made coronavirus vaccine which has been injected to 30 volunteers in 2 stages has not shown any side effects so far, a senior member of the team to assess the efficiency of the vaccine said on Monday.

“The vaccine, which underwent its first test on January 29 and received the approval of the ethics committee, is under the supervision of me and two of my colleagues and is undergoing a clinical trial phase. Our goal in the first phase of the clinical trial is to evaluate the side effects and fortunately, the volunteers didn't show any special side effects, and the vaccine was given to them for the second time,” Minoo Mohraz, also a senior member of Iran’s National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, said.

She noted that 30 people have received the vaccine so far , and said, “The vaccine is gradually being injected and after the approval of the assessment and supervising group, more volunteers will receive the testing shots.”

“Once the first phase proves successful, the second phase will continue with 300 volunteers,” Mohraz said.

Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said on Sunday that the country’s home-made coronavirus vaccines are passing necessary tests successfully, adding that Iran will turn into a center for the production of the vaccine soon.