2021-September-27 20:19
2021-February-9  12:14

Iran, UN Call for End to Crisis in Yemen

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and visiting UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths in a meeting in Tehran underlined the need for putting an end to the ongoing crisis in Yemen.

During the meeting in the Iranian capital on Monday, Zarif pointed to the developments after the beginning of the crisis in Yemen and initiatives taken by Iran during these years and expounded on the outlook of the Islamic Republic of Iran for ending this great and catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the region, as well as the need to alleviate the suffering of deprived Yemeni people.

"The political discussion is the only solution to Yemeni crisis not imposition of war against this country," Zarif stressed.

The Iranian foreign minister voiced Iran's full readiness to support any effective role of the United Nations in resolving the crisis given the very difficult conditions resulting from the war and economic siege imposed against the Yemeni nation.

Griffiths, for his part, assessed the awareness of the Islamic Republic of Iran's vision for peace and stability in Yemen as "significant" and elaborated on the UN vision for resolving the crisis in Yemen through a ceasefire, economic contributions and resumption of political talks.

Griffiths arrived in Tehran on Sunday to discuss various aspects of the Yemeni crisis.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday that Griffiths has come to Tehran for consultations with Iranian diplomats on the crisis in the poor Arab country.

Griffiths has arrived in Tehran for consultations about the ongoing Yemeni crisis which has lingered for almost six years witnessing a Saudi-led war of aggression and massacre of civilians and devastation of infrastructures of the country.

During his stay, the UN official would join discussions and exchange views with Iran’s officials on the means of ending the crisis in Yemen.

Iran has devised a four-point plan aimed at restoration of peace to Yemen. Tehran submitted the proposal to the UN no later than a month after the Saudi military with the help of its allies started the invasion of Yemen and bombardment of its infrastructures.

The plan proposes the establishment of a ceasefire, the transfer of humanitarian assistance to the war-hit nation, the launching of intra-Yemeni dialog, and the establishment of a broad-based government.

In relevant remarks on Saturday, Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh said that warmongering countries should come to their senses and put an end to the war and siege of Yemen, adding that any support for the Saudis should be stopped.

“Ending the support for the Saudi coalition and stopping the arms sale to them could be a step for correcting the past mistakes,” Khatibzadeh said, adding, “The air, sea, and land siege, which has caused food and medicine poverty and claimed the lives of thousands of Yemenis, should come to an end.”

He said that certain countries which are aiding and abetting the Saudis against the Yemeni people should put an end to their soft and hard support for Riyadh.

The spokesman added that Iran welcomes any efforts to support Yemen and to stop supports for the aggressors.