2021-April-21 19:41
2021-February-16  14:07

US Governors Call for Better Vaccine Coordination from Biden After ‘Confusing’ Rollout Dating Back to Trump

TEHRAN (FNA)- US Governors called on President Joe Biden to ensure better vaccine coordination with states after the government’s “confusing” rollout dating back to former President Donald Trump.

The National Governors Association wrote to the president demanding better strategy between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the states on distribution of vaccines, The Independent reported.

In the letter the group wrote that there was confusion with the public numbers released by the CDC for vaccine distribution, and the federal government’s programme to send vaccines directly to pharmacies.

The bi-partisan group stated in the letter that the issue with public reporting has existed “since last year” under the Trump administration and caused “unnecessary confusion”.

State authorities say that the number of vaccines given out by the federal government is different to what actually arrives on the ground in their states.

They also complained about a lack of transparency in the distribution process and that the federal government and states were in some cases both allocating vaccines to the same pharmacies.

“If the federal government distributes independently of the states to these same entities without state coordination and consultation, redundancy and inefficiency may very well follow,” the letter noted.