2021-April-21 18:32
2021-February-20  14:36

Envoy: India Releases 4 Iranian Detainees

TEHRAN (FNA)- Four Iranian detainees were released from Bengaluru Central Prison upon the efforts made by the Iranian diplomatic mission in Hyderabad and Indian officials, Iran's Ambassador to India Ali Chegeni said.

"The Iranian detainees were taken to Iran by Mahan Air flight," the Iranian envoy said.

It was the second group of Iranian prisoners who were released and returned to Iran.

In relevant remarks in late January, Chegeni said that India had released 15 Iranian fishermen who had been detained last year after a shipwreck.

Chegeni announced that "15 Iranian fishermen who had been jailed in India since last year, were released on Friday", adding that they would leave Delhi for Tehran instantly.

He said that ‌last year a hurricane caused an incident for the fishermen who were fishing in the international waters near the Iranian Chabahar port, adding, “But they had entered Indian territorial waters in pursuit of help.”

The envoy noted that the fishermen were imprisoned in India for entering the territorial waters of the country “illegally”. 

Chegeni explained that the fishermen's boat had sunk and they were in need of urgent help. He also said they were held in Bangalore in bad condition but they were released after they were exonerated.