2021-March-5 07:46
2021-February-21  13:30

Iran's Trials Confirm 90 Percent Protection of Home-Made Vaccine

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian vaccines provide 90 percent protection against coronavirus, stage-by-stage trials conducted by Barekat Foundation showed.

"The results of immunogenicity tests on about 35 volunteers show that the vaccine has had a higher immunogenicity protection," Mohammad Reza Salehi, an official in charge of manufacturing Iran Barekat vaccines said on Sunday. 

He pointed out that results show that 90 percent of those who have received the second dose have shown immunogenicity after two weeks.

Salehi said that injection of the second dose on 56 volunteers has been carried out.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Head of the Executive Office of Imam Khomeini Directives Mohammad Mokhber said the first Iran-made COVID vaccine COV-Iran Barekat – is predicted to be available by late April.

The first injection of the 1st phase of the COVID-19 vaccine human trial produced by Imam Khomeini's Order Executive Office was conducted on December 29, 2020.