2021-February-28 16:18
2021-February-22  12:15

Iran to Reach Monthly Production of Over 10mln Doses of Vaccine

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s production capacity of the first homegrown coronavirus vaccine (COVIRAN Barekat) will reach over 10 million doses per month, Head of Iran’s Headquarters for Executing the Order of Imam (Khomeini) (HEIKO) Coronavirus Research Team Hassan Jalili said on Sunday.

“In the mass production stage the capacity to produce vaccines will be more than 10 million doses per month,” Hassan Jalali said, reiterating that the third phase of vaccine production will be launched in late June 2021.

He stressed that Iran has been able to develop domestic vaccines with the help of its young scientists.

In relevant remarks on Sunday, he announced that Tehran is holding negotiations with 3 countries to export its home-made COVID-19 vaccine.

“5 world states have demanded to purchase the Iran-made vaccine. 3 countries are in negotiations and 2 others have demanded talks,” Jalili told reporters in a press conference, but declined to name the three states.

Also, addressing the same press conference, senior member of Iran’s National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus Minou Mohraz said no important side effects have been reported among volunteers during the first phase of the clinical trial of Iran-made COV-Iran Barekat coronavirus vaccine.

She added that the vaccine is also effective against coronavirus mutation spreading in Britain.

Meantime, Director of the Clinical Trial Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences Seyed Hamed Hosseini said that final results of the first phase of the clinical trial of COV-Iran Barekat vaccine will be declared on March 4, adding that the second and third phases will be carried out with participation of 400 and nearly 20,000 volunteers, respectively.

Chairman of the Headquarters for Executing Imam Khomeini’s Order Mohammad Mokhber had underlined earlier this month the capability of the Iran-made vaccine to deactivate the new British coronavirus, saying that the country hopes that the vaccine can also resist against other types of COVID-19 virus mutations.

“The Iranian vaccine has shown very excellent performance against the mutated coronavirus spreading in Britain and we hope that the Iran-made vaccine will succeed in confronting the future mutations of the coronavirus too,” Mokhber said.

He added that infrastructures and facilities have been prepared to mass-produce the Iran-made coronavirus vaccine, adding that the country will be ready to produce 12mln to 14mln doses of the vaccine in mid spring.

Mokhber said that a number of world states have demanded to purchase the Iran-made vaccine, stressing that the Iranian citizens are a priority to receive the vaccine.

Also, Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said earlier this month that the country will turn into a center for production of coronavirus vaccine in spring given the successful results of the human trial of its home-made vaccines.

“Our country will become one of the poles to produce coronavirus vaccine next spring,” Namaki said.

He stressed the successful results of the human trial of Iran-made coronavirus vaccines, and said, “We are vigorously pursuing the indigenous vaccine, and we import both the COVAX vaccines and vaccines from the safest sources."