2021-February-28 16:00
2021-February-23  13:38

Diplomat Hopes for Imminent Holding of Syrian Constitutional Committee Meeting

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister’s Senior Assistant for Special Political Affairs Ali Asghar Khaji expressed hope that the Syrian Constitutional Committee will be held in the near future.

Speaking through video-conference with Italian Foreign Ministry's Special Envoy for Syria Paolo Dionisi, Khaji voiced hope that 6th meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee would be held soon, and referring to Astana initiative in Sochi, he noted that different aspects of the Syrian Crisis were discussed in the meeting and participants stressed political solution of the crisis, humanitarian aids to Syrians, and countering terrorism.

“Guarantors of Astana format – Iran, Russia, and Turkey – issued a joint statement to support the political solutions and Syrian Constitutional Committee,” the envoy said.

Dionisi, for his part, referred to Iran’s stance and the important and constructive role of Astana talks, and stressed that the Italian government supports international initiative of UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen and efforts made by Astana format.

He noted that Rome is willing to cooperate with other international players, including Iran, to have a role in the Syrian peace process.

In relevant remarks last week, Ali Asqar Khaji underlined his country’s readiness to help the process of repatriation of Syrian refugees.

Khaji made the remarks in a meeting with the Red Cross Director for Near and Middle East in Sochi city in Russia on Wednesday February 17.

During the meeting, both sides discussed humanitarian issues, including the situation of the Syrian refugees, the displaced populations, lost people and captives.

They also stressed the need for cooperation of all sides to help the resolution of humanitarian issues, specially repatriation of the refugees.

Khaji, for his part, said that resolution of humanitarian issues should not be based on political ends.

In his visit to Russia, Khaji also held talks with the Russian President’s Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev on the Syrian situation and peace process.

Khaji and Lavrentiev exchanged views on the latest developments in Syria and the pursuit of the peace process in the country as well as the political settlement of the crisis.

Iran’s diplomat explained the outcome of his recent visit to Damascus, and underlined the necessity of fighting terrorism in Syria and helping the progress of the country's political situation within the framework of the Constitutional Committee.

The Russian diplomat, for his part, stressed the need for further coordination between Tehran and Moscow on the settlement of the Syria crisis.