2021-May-18 17:29
2021-February-28  14:03

Iran’s 2nd Homegrown Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Human Trial

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran started human trial of the second domestically produced COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday.

Human trial of the second Iran-made vaccine COV-Pars kicked off on Sunday morning on two volunteers at Tehran's Rasoul Akram Hospital.

COVIRAN made headlines as the first viable Iranian vaccine for coronavirus last month.

Developed by Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, COV-Pars is an inhalable vaccine. It employs recombinant versions of the spike protein which tutors the immune system against the wild virus. This works with an adjuvant, a compound that puts frontline immune cells on battle alert to muster a robust immune response to the protein antigen.

COV-Pars is used in three stages; two intramuscular shots 21 days apart and an intranasal inhalation 30 days after the second jab.

According to the producers, this vaccine not only protects the recipients against the virus, but it prevents them from transmitting the virus to others. In other words, those who receive the COV-Pars vaccine will not need to wear a mask.

In relevant remarks on Thursday, Chancellor of Iran University of Medical Sciences Jalil Kouhpayehzadeh said that the homegrown coronavirus vaccine “COV-Pars” will hopefully be available within 5 months.

Kouhpayehzadeh said that COV-Pars will become available by early August after passing through various phases of human trial.

He explained that the first and second phases of human trial of COV-Pars vaccine made by Iran’s Razi Institute will take about four months, adding that the vaccine must accomplish its third phase to get scientific verification.