2021-September-16 21:04
2021-March-8  09:16

Leonid Savin: Russia, Iran Need to Develop Shared Campaign against US Sanctions

TEHRAN (FNA)- Leonid Savin, journalist and geopolitical analyst, says both Russian and Iran share a common enemy, the US, and they need to launch joint cooperation against Washington’s hegemonic plans that include the sanctions regime against both nations.

Speaking in an interview with FNA, Leonid Savin said Russia seeks to support preserving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as part of its regional program to foil the US attempts to gain the control of the West Asian countries, and added, “We also need to share experience how to counter act against Western sanctions, how to punish them, and how to decrease numbers of American allies and partners. This is politics.”

Leonid Savin is a Member of the Military-Scientific Society of the Russian Ministry of Defense. He is also the Chief Editor of Geopolitica.ru, the Founder and Chief Editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs. He has authored numerous books which have been translated and published in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Spain and Iran.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Q: How do you view Russia’s stance on the JCPOA, and what do you think of the US attempts to amend the JCPOA?

A: Russian position is very clear — to keep all agreements that were done before. There is deep understanding in Moscow that the US is interested to undermine this deal, but Washington will use this pretext for next steps of unipolar hegemonic actions. These efforts directed to undermine international legislation itself.

We experienced the same American intentions towards Russia for last decades; they tried to engage us in kind of agreements where benefit would be for the US only. If they do not succeed to do it by tools of soft power [such as] education, culture, religion, economical relations, etc., they use preventive diplomacy and hard power including military means. But, Iran is strong enough to avoid it directly, and there is no clear consensus inside USA about what to do with the JCPOA and Iran. It seems that Biden team will not push on Iran like administration of Trump with activity of Pompeo who is known for his anti-Iranian stances.

Russian position will be the same - to support sovereign right of Iran on development of nuclear program for peaceful means.

Q: Iran and Russia have close ties in areas of politics and defense. Do you believe such ties will encourage Russia to stay in support of the JCPOA?

A: The point is that there are no threats to any powers from Iran and the JCPOA. The US and Israel fear development of Iran itself. This logic is very destructive. Unfortunately, there is no sign that such politics will be changed.

Russia will support Iran in future. We need more cooperation between our countries. There should be kind of joint umbrella for the West Asia against new attempts of the US to control, manipulate and pressure countries and nations there. There should be more bilateral ties for scientific projects, education, culture, religion, etc. Let’s think and act strategically and fight together against our geopolitical rivals.

Q: How do you view the US unilateral sanctions against both Iran and Russia?

A: The issue is more complex. Our bilateral cooperation need to avoid the Western sanctions, too. Both Russia and Iran also should think how to block Western powers in region and on global level, too. For some reasons our partners, allies and friends may assist us for these actions, especially in the West Asia, as the US is fragile and politically polarized now.

But we also need to share experience how to counter act against Western sanctions, how to punish them, and how to decrease numbers of American allies and partners. This is politics. Such decisions depend on the political will and mobilization efforts.