2021-May-15 08:50
2021-April-11  13:41

Minister: Boeing Should Account for Breaching Contract with Iran Air

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Transportation Minister Mohammad Eslami said that the Boeing Company should be held accountable for violating its contract with Iran’s flag-bearer airliner 'Iran Air'.

“Boeing company should be held accountable for not observing its contract with Iran Air,” Eslami said, adding that legal pursuit of contracts for purchasing aircraft from Boeing is possible, which has been halted by the US exit from the nuclear deal.

“Iran Air and other companies that have contracts with Boeing have rights that the contracting party must be held accountable for,” he noted.

In early June 2016, Boeing announced that Iranian airlines can buy their needed passenger planes in euro rather than in dollar in case the US does not open up its financial system to Iran.

“There is plenty of opportunity still for Boeing," then Boeing's Vice-President for Middle East Sales Marty Bentrott said.

The media in late January quoted a top Iranian official in a report as saying that the country planned to purchase over 100 planes from Boeing.

The same report said that Iran’s order list from the American aviation giant included narrow-body 737s for domestic flights and two-aisle 777s for long-haul routes.