2021-May-15 22:56
2021-April-16  17:25

Minister: Iran to Reach 1.3mln Doses of Vaccination Next Week

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Health Minister Saeed Namaki said on Friday that around 500,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the country, adding that the number of vaccinated people will reach 1.3 million until April 22.

“Nearly 500,000 doses of coronavirus vaccination have been carried out in Iran,” Namaki said, adding that by the end of next week (April 22) the number will reach 1.3 million.

He said that the import of coronavirus vaccines into Iran, as well as production of homegrown vaccines, are properly managed.

The minister vowed that all Iranians or at least most of them will get jabs until the end of 1400 (March 20, 2021), while other countries plan to administer the vaccine till the end of 2022.

Namaki also assured the Iranians that the domestic and imported vaccines are being fully inspected and the people can get jabs with full confidence.

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Iranian Deputy Health Minister Alireza Rayeesi said that the second phase of public vaccination against COVID-19 in Iran will start early in May.

Rayeesi said that around 1.3 million people will be inoculated against COVID-19 by early next month when the government plans to announce the end of the first phase of vaccinations.

Iran estimates that some 13.3 million people will be immunized against COVID-19 during the second phase. The population includes six million people who are above 65 and those between 16 and 64 who have at least one underlying condition.

The nationwide vaccination campaign against COVID 19 began in Iran in late December after the country took delivery of a first batch of Sputnik V vaccines from Russia. The campaign has also used jabs developed in China and India although some shipments have failed to make it into the country because of tight supplies in the countries of origin.

Rayeesi said ending the first round of vaccinations, which has covered frontline healthcare workers and people with very high risk of catching COVID-19, had been made possible after Iran received a shipment of 700,000 vaccines from COVAX, an international vaccine project sponsored by the World Health Organization.