2021-May-15 09:51
2021-April-22  14:02

Two Terrorists Killed in Clashes with IRGC in Western Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Two terrorists were killed in clashes with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps forces in the Western town of Marivan in Kordestan province, the IRGC announced on Thursday.

The IRGC said in a statement Thursday that in clashes with a team of terrorists affiliated to the anti-revolutionary armed groups in the town of Marivan in the Western Kordestan province, two terrorists were killed.

The public relations department of the IRGC Hamzeh Seyed al-Shohada Base, said in a statement that the local forces of the base clashed with a team of terrorists affiliated with anti-Revolution armed groups in the Marivan town located in the Western Kordestan province on Wednesday evening.

It added that during the operation at 8:05 pm local time, two terrorist elements were killed, a few of them were wounded and the rest escaped the scene due to the region's dense forests in the dark.

Two IRGC servicemen were also martyred in the clashes, the statement said.

In a relevant development in March, the IRGC identified a terrorist team in the Southwestern Province of Khuzestan, killing one of them and injuring another, according to a statement released by the IRGC.

The IRGC Vali-e Asr Base in the Southwestern Province of Khuzestan announced on Sunday, "At 1 AM in the morning of March 26, a terrorist team affiliated with the separatist and terrorist group Harakat al-Nidal, who attacked and shot at military and law enforcement locations in the city of Shush, intending to enter the military bases, were stopped and both terrorists were wounded through the vigilance of the guards."

"One of the terrorists died on the way to hospital," the statement said, adding that "a number of AK-47 rifles and ammunition were seized from them."