2021-September-16 21:01
2021-May-5  13:26

Criminal Armed Band Dismantled by IRGC in Southeastern Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps destroyed a band of armed outlaws in Sistan and Balouchestan province, Southeastern Iran.

“Following armed clashes, two members of the criminal band were killed and one was arrested,” the Qods base of the IRGC Ground Force announced in a statement.

The statement added that mischief, kidnapping, and murder were among the record of this criminal band. 

According to the statement some weapons, ammunition, and explosives were seized from the band.

In a similar operation last week, the IRGC traced and dismantled an anti-revolutionary group in Northwest of the country, IRGC Intelligence Organization reported.

IRGC Intelligence forces dismantled a hostile counterrevolutionary group dubbed as Hoboot Iran” (Fall of Iran) in the Northwest of the country on May 1, the report said.  

It further said the group has been seeking to instigating various anti-Iran movements since early 2018.  

Foreign-based monarchists were behind the group and it was funded and supported by certain Western regimes and the Saudi regime, the report said.  

Elaborating on the operations of the group, the report said the elements of the counterrevolutionary group disguised in the uniforms of Iranian Armed Forces and recorded videos whereby they instigated people to take to streets in protest.