2021-July-28 17:37
2021-June-3  15:05

Iran, Tajikistan Sign Security Agreement

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran and Tajikistan inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further increase bilateral relations and cooperation in the security field.

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli praised the MoU, saying that agreements can expand bilateral relations in various fields.

Rahmani Fazli made the comments on Wednesday after signing an MoU in the field of security with his visiting Tajik counterpart Ramazon Rahimzoda who arrived in Tehran on Tuesday morning to hold meetings with Iranian officials.

The MoU that the two ministers signed on Wednesday included cooperation between police forces of two countries in fighting drug trafficking, organized crimes, as well as the exchange of students and university teachers.

"With the negotiations that I had with Mr. Rahimzoda in Tajikistan since March, and the visit that Mohammad Javad Zarif paid to the country (Tajikistan) after my visit, today the result of these efforts led to the signing of a cooperation document between the two countries," Rahmani Fazli said after signing the security pact.

"Certainly, these agreements will be effective in expanding relations in the fields of security, law enforcement, culture, economy and trade," the Iranian minister added.

He further expressed hope the two nations will increase their cooperation in the field of fighting organized crime, extremism and terrorism, drug trafficking, police training, transfer of experiences, exchange of professors and students, as well as investment and trade.

Rahmani Fazli further hailed cultural similarities between Iran and Tajikistan as two Muslim countries in which Farsi is spoken, expressing hope their bilateral relations will further increase in the future.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, Rahmani Fazli said his country and Tajikistan are keen on boosting mutual ties.

“Iran-Tajikistan relations are growing based on cultural, historical, neighborly and regional conditions,” Rahmani Fazli said in a meeting with Rahimzoda in Tehran.

“Farsi is the common language of Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan,” he said, adding that the three nations can form a triangle of cultural cooperation in the region.

Both ministers discussed security cooperation and joint fight against terrorism.