2021-July-28 18:24
2021-June-15  13:15

14 Ballot Boxes Ready for Iran’s Expatriates in Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian embassy in Baghdad said 14 ballot boxes would be set up for Iranians residing in Iraq to cast their votes in the 13th presidential election.

Iranian mission announced that 14 polling stations will be provided in Erbil, Baghdad, Najaf, Basra, Karbala, and Sulaymaniyah cities for Iranian living in Iraq.

Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi hoped for people's massive turnout in the election.

In relevant remarks on Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said that 234 polling stations will be available for the country’s expatriates to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Khatibzadeh stressed that the foreign ministry is responsible for holding elections abroad in accordance with the law, adding, “234 poll stations will be available for Iranians abroad and more than 600,000 voting tariffs have already been sent to the related areas.”

He went on to say that according to unofficial statistics more than 3 million Iranian expatriates are eligible to vote.

“3 countries, including Canada, have refused to cooperate with Iran in this process,” the spokesman said, criticizing that Canada not only refuses to cooperate with Iran on the issue of elections, but also it fails to meet the rights of Iranian citizens.

Khatibzadeh said that ballot boxes have been set up in 24 states of the US.

Iran will simultaneously hold the 13th presidential election and the 6th City and Village Councils Elections on June 18.