2021-September-24 01:14
2021-June-20  20:01

Iran's Greco-Roman Wrestling Team Ranks 3rd in Turkish Tournament

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Greco-Roman wrestlers won three gold medals, two silver, and two bronze ones to finish third in Vehbi Emre & Hamit Kaplan 2021 tournament in Istanbul, Turkey.

Russia and Turkey ranked first and second respectively above Iran.

Sajjad Abbaspour, Mohammadreza Mokhtari, and Ramin Taheri bagged gold medals for the Iranian squad in 55-, 72-, and 87-kg weight categories.

Pouya Dadmarz and Hossein Assadi won silver medals in 55- and 67-weight classes, with Meisam Delkhani and Amin Kavianinejad receiving bronze medals in 63- and 72-weight categories.    

The competitions began on June 18 and came to an end on June 20.