2021-July-28 01:30
2021-July-4  16:41

Iranian Company to Deliver 50mln Doses of COV-Iran Barekat Vaccine by September

TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Headquarters for the Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order said the HEIKO will deliver 50 million doses of COV-Iran Barekat coronavirus vaccine by September.

"From September 2021 till the end of March 2022, Iran can vaccinate all target groups against coronavirus with Iranian COVID-19 vaccines," Mohammad Mokhber said, adding that 2.7 million doses of the vaccine have been produced so far. 

The Iran-made COV-Iran Barekat vaccine proved effective in overcoming the African strain of the coronavirus based on research on people who had received the COV-Iran Barekat vaccine.

"By conducting an experiment on the blood of 10 people who volunteered in the first phase and 30 others who volunteered in the second phase of clinical trials of COV-Iran Barakat vaccine, it showed that the antibodies produced in bodies of these individuals were able to outfight and defeat African variant of COVID-19," read a statement of the Public Relations Department of Shifa Pharmed Pharmaceutical Company, affiliated to the Headquarters for the Execution of Imam Khomeini Order. 

The research activity and test of neutralization on the blood of these volunteers were carried out after a sample of African variant of the virus was provided to the pharmacists of the HEIKO and this virus was transferred to a cell on the blood of these people who had received two doses of the vaccine, the statement added.

Eventually, the experiment showed that the antibody of the blood of these people succeeded in containing the virus.

Earlier, the antibody of the blood of volunteers of COV-Iran Barakat vaccine had been tested on UK variant of the coronavirus and success of this vaccine had been demonstrated as well.

In relevant remarks late last month, Head of HEIKO Mohammad Mokhber said that nearly 30 million doses of COV-Iran Barekat vaccine will be produced and delivered to the health ministry.

“One million doses of the vaccine will be produced this month, 3 million doses next month, 10 to 12 million doses in July, and 13 to 15 million doses in August,” Mokhber said, adding that the vaccines would be given to the Health Ministry for vaccination.

He noted that from September, 20 million doses of the vaccine would be produced monthly.

The official pointed out that people's concerns regarding the virus would be resolved within the next 3 to 4 months.

He concluded that all Iranian vaccines had achieved the human testing phase and desirable results, but COV-Iran Barekat has had fewer side effects.