2021-September-22 08:37
2021-July-28  11:59

IRGC Commander: Enemies Dissuaded from Military Threats against Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said that military option has been excluded from enemies’ policies towards Iran due to the country’s might and power.

“Despite all of their plots and contrivances, the enemies of the Iranian nation have found out today that [issuing] military threats against us is useless,” Major General Hossein Salami said on Tuesday, addressing a meeting in the Western province of Kermanshah.

Such an option “does not bring them (the enemies) [their expected] outcome,” he said. “If they resorted to military action against Iran, they would get the opposite result and end up regretting [the move].”

He said, however, that “military warfare does no longer rank among the enemy’s choices.”

The adversaries even stopped short of conquering the battlefield through their proxies, including Takfiri terrorists, he said.

Despairing of military action, the enemies, who have armed themselves with the entirety of the instruments that they have at their disposal, have taken aim at the country’s economy, the commander said, referring to the tough economic sanctions that the US has imposed on Iran.

The enemies have also started targeting the people’s affinity with the country’s Islamic establishment and the nation’s sense of hope, he said.

However, all of the enemies’ provocative schemes are doomed to fail in the face of the country, he noted.

The Iranian youths are negating all of the enemies’ sanctions and realizing remarkable instances of advancement every day, General Salami said.

“We have blocked the enemies’ path and their calculations aimed at sowing sedition [among the nation] will get nowhere,” he said.

“They have been defeated in all of these dreams,” said the commander, adding the more they try, the more frustration they would experience in their efforts to target the Islamic Republic.

The Islamic Republic’s goal no longer rested only in avoiding defeat, General Salami said, adding the country was now in pursuit of victory and conquest of greater arenas.

“We stand until the end, and the end of this steadfastness equals complete decline of an enemy, whom as we see is experiencing its twilight [era],” he stated.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, General Salami warned enemies that Iran will thwart their plots and defeat them at the origin of their threats.

General Salami made the remarks at a ceremony held to mark delivery of new military equipment to the IRGC Ground Force.

"We have been exposed to the policies of evil powers and big and small villains for decades. During this time that we gained political independence and dignity, the strategic planners of insecurity, from the aggressive US to its European allies and regional partners and local terrorists, are all constantly plotting against the Iranian nation whenever they can," he said.

General Salami said that Iran has learned to foil enemy's plots in the origin, and added, "The defeat of the enemy at the origin is our unchangeable strategy.”

He, meantime, said that Iran is not a warmonger state and its strategy is defensive, adding that all strategies of the Iranian Armed Forces are operational.