2021-September-22 09:46
2021-August-2  16:01

Gov’t Spokesman Underlines Failure of Enemies’ Economic War on Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiyee said on Monday that the US and its allies failed in their economic pressures and sanctions against Iran.

"Those who plotted economic war did not attain their goals and Iran ‌remained intact. This, naturally, put a heavy pressure on people's lives. Inflation and national currency’s devaluation were the result of unprecedented and horrific sanctions,” Rabiyee told reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Monday.

"Of course, many predicted a worse situation and the collapse of Iran, but Iran's economy did not collapse and further grew last year instead, although at the same time, the lives of the people were economically damaged by sanctions and this is a serious issue," he added, noting that the government tried to pursue protection policies to make life easier for the Iranian people.

Rabiyee said these developments, in addition to Iran’s lack of access to its resources, made life difficult for people and responsibilities of the government heavier and people are still feeling the impacts of sanctions.

He said that during the first three years of implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran's economy experienced significant growth.

He stated that during the past years, Iran and the world faced two extremists, namely, the ISIL terrorist group and former US President Donald Trump, which upset the balance in the world, but Iran fought them to prevent religious and sectarian wars in some Islamic societies.

He went on to say that no all facts have been revealed about Iran's confrontation against Trump and coronavirus, which both have caused irreparable damages to the world economy.

"The term of the current administration is already over, but the malicious actions are still threatening the country, so all of us should stand against them," Rabiyee concluded.

Iran’s outgoing President Hassan Rouhani has blamed Trump frequently for causing much of economic problems for his nation. Yet he said late in June that the new US president and his administration also continue the same crimes committed by Donald Trump against the Iranian nation through sanctions and economic terrorism.

Trump's successors have so far continued his crimes and economic terrorism against Iranians, and they are criminals on the same path founded by Trump, Rouhani said, addressing a cabinet meeting in Tehran.

The Zionist regime and its allies made the US withdraw from the JCPOA, imposing economic war against our country," he added.

However, the resistance of the Iranian nation came to fruition when Biden, in his election campaign, acknowledged that Trump's act was wrong and when Biden claimed that the US is committed to JCPOA revival, he reminded, recalling the US president's earlier remarks when he had just ascended to power.

“The American people voted for the new US administration with the same idea and opinion, and if Biden drags his feet in the implementation of the nuclear deal, he has betrayed the vote of his own people, because they voted on this basis. And then they (the US officials) repeatedly emphasized that they agreed with the nuclear deal and wanted to return to the agreement, but still people expect this to happen as soon as possible,” Rouhani said.

He also stressed that the Iranian government will spare no efforts in this regard, also asserting that Iranians have never sought nuclear weapons.

The US, under former president Donald Trump, unilaterally withdrew participation in the agreement and re-imposed sanctions against Iran, which the accord had lifted.

The Trump administration subsequently launched what it touted as a campaign of “maximum pressure” against Iran, hoping to force the Islamic Republic to accept large-scale limits on its nuclear program and missile work, among other things.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has verbally renounced that policy and admitted to its failure, while expressing a willingness to return to the Iran deal. However, it has so far stopped short of taking any concrete steps to that end and retained the sanctions on the Islamic Republic.