2021-October-24 15:33
2021-September-16  13:48

Iranian Fuel Reaches Lebanon

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tankers carrying Iran-sent fuel arrived in the Lebanese territories on Thursday, bringing joy to people who have been facing acute fuel shortage in the past few months.

A convoy of tankers loaded with Iranian mazut had entered the village of Hawsh al-Sayyed Ali in Lebanon’s Northeastern Baalbek-Hermel province on Thursday, Lebanon 24 News reported.

The media director of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah said that the tankers will first stop between the villages of Ain and Laboueh and that their last station would be the entrance to Southern Baalbek.

Speaking on Wednesday night, Hezbollah Secretary-General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah urged people not to gather to observe the convoy both for their own safety and the movement of the tankers.

Announcing that ships carrying Iranian fuel would set sail for Lebanon last month, Nasrallah warned that the Israeli regime and the US that the resistance group regarded the convoy as part of the “Lebanese soil.”

In early September, the Iranian ships unloaded their fuel cargo at Syria’s Baniyas port, from where it was transferred to Lebanon via tankers.

Lebanon has been mired since late 2019 in a deep financial crisis that has caused the Lebanese pound to lose around 90 percent of its value to the dollar.