2021-October-21 12:20
2021-September-21  13:59

Iran’s Top Commander Asks US Soldiers Not to Turn into Infantries of Warmongering Rulers

TEHRAN (FNA)- Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri in a message addressed to the US soldiers and military personnel called on them not to turn into infantries of the rulers who seek war and domination of other countries.

“I would like to talk to the freethinking soldiers and military personnel of the United States, that is the cause of war, turmoil and insecurity and the leader of anti-peace front in the international arena, and ask them some questions,” General Baqeri wrote in a message on the occasion of the Holy Defense Week (invasion of Iraq against Iran in 1980s) and The World Peace Day 2021.  

“By the way, have you ever thought of the question what the US army is looking for in other countries by mongering wars and occupation tens of thousands of kilometers away from home,” he added.

“Has their presence in the countries under invasion, occupation and war such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. actually brought peace, security and tranquility? Truly, should it be believed that the hasty withdrawal from the main military base in Afghanistan was for the sake of peace, tranquility and democracy in Afghanistan,” General Baqeri asked.

“Think a little about the realities and events these days in Yemen to see what the support and proximity of the US army along with the Saudi coalition has done to the oppressed and defenseless people of Yemen,” he added.

“Do not allow the absurd rulers of the US and the criminal and blood-thirsty terrorists sitting in command rooms of that country’s army make distance between you and international facts and realities by fictitious and mean image-making and make you the spelled infantry of their domination policies and war mongering,” General Baqeri said.

“They try to frighten you not to think about some of the obvious and undeniable bitter issues and realities of the world that are the products of the planning of the Zionist lobby.”

“Common sense requires that you find your share in the list of oppression, crime, war, violence and insecurity and displacing hundreds of thousands of people across the world who are eager to live with dignity, security and tranquility yet being deprived of them and judge on them based on your nature and conscience,” he added.

“I rest assured that your inquisitive minds can find a brave and responsible-making response to these questions and then depict your role toward them,” General Baqeri said.

“While peace means non-existence of war and violence, and entails mutual respect for the rights of nations under the Charter of the United Nations, America and the Zionist regime and their global and regional allies and like-minded rulers in their deceptive discourse and operation have in full pretended to be so philanthropist that it is they who are the true harbinger of peace!! While dictating a special definition of peace to the world, they have been the cause of wars, challenges and military tensions as well as insecurity, homelessness, misery, displacement of the nations of West Asia, especially in recent decades,” he added.

“The Zionist-Western peace-seeking circus and the criminal acts of America across the world, depicts the disaster depth of threat to peace and the investment and also providing military finance by the world powers never show peace-seeking in the world.”

“By looking at the war in Yemen and the crime that the brave yet oppressed people of this country suffer, displays this reality that beyond the peace-seeking motto of the West, a large portion of weapons used by Saudi Arabia and its criminal coalition against the people of Yemen is supplied by the rulers of the so-called peace-seeking and humanitarian countries, especially America,” General Baqeri said.

“Stable and persistent peace is possible and accessible provided that it is followed in the light of justice and outside of the domination of American discourse and definition. From the Islamic Republic of Iran’s point of view, a just peace whose outcome is a true peace and friendship is the very discourse that has been stipulated in all divine religions and Islamic Iran has always been its harbinger and considers it a missing link of today’s world.”

“In the meantime, it is a source of hope that the goals and covetousness of American and western neo-colonial movements have been revealed to the nations of the world who are returning to their divine and clean nature,” he added.  

His comments came after Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said on Sunday that the US has lost its power and is a defeated, fugitive and depressed state which has been forced to withdraw its forces from the region.

“Today we no longer see a dangerous US, but we witness a failed, fleeing and depressed US,” General Salami said.

General Salami also expressed delight that the Iranian nation’s resistance too had helped them weather all pressures.

“Inside our own country, despite all natural or imposed pressures, the Iranian nation has been engaged in resistance [too]. And now, these obstacles are being removed, the adversities are giving way to easier times, and the roads are being paved,” he said.

The entire world is now envying this nation that has been successfully standing up to great powers for more than four decades, the commander said.

“Iran’s name is identified with grandeur, compassion, advancement, integrity, and unity,” he stated, and also hailed the Iranian people’s strong emotional bond with Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Elsewhere, he referred to the Yemeni people’s successful resistance and defense of their country in the face invaders and their supporters, most prominently the US and Saudi Arabia.

“Today, what we can see is no longer a dangerous America, but a defeated, fleeing, and depressed America,” General Salami said.

“Neither can the Saudi regime be no longer seen as a regime that is still capable of attacking a defenseless nation such as Yemen in all possible ways,” he added.

“The voices of these powers are dying,” General Salami said.