2021-October-24 21:34
2021-September-26  09:53

Russia Expects US to Stop Imposing Its Development Model on Others

TEHRAN (FNA)- Moscow expects that Washington will abandon the use of force and other methods of imposing its development model on others, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an address to the General Debate of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

"President [Joe] Biden has recently announced the end of 'an era of major military operations to remake other countries'. We expect that the US will take another step, abandoning not only the use of force but also all other methods of imposing its development models [on others]," he pointed out, TASS reported.

On April 14, Biden announced plans to end Washington’s operation in Afghanistan, the longest military campaign in US history. On August 31, Biden stated that "this decision about Afghanistan is not just about Afghanistan, it’s about ending an era of major military operations to remake other countries".

In his address, Lavrov offered a hashtag for social networks in support of the UN Charter - #UNCharterIsOurRules. The hashtag will be launched in six official languages of the UN - Russian, English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish. This initiative is aimed at supporting the UN Charter, which is a basic source of international law. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated that the UN Charter is violated and comes under attacks by the states, which are promoting the concept of "a rules-based international order".