2021-October-25 04:14
2021-October-12  14:49

Navy Commander: Iran to Give Firm Response to Enemies' Possible Threats

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani underlined that his forces will strongly stand up against enemies and give a rigid response to any threat and wrong move against the country's territorial waters.

"Thanks to the extreme power of Iran’s navy in the international arena, the enemy does not dare attack Iran’s maritime borders,"  Admiral Shahram Irani said on Monday, addressing staff and personnel of Bushehr Maritime Base on Monday.

In relevant remarks last month, Admiral Irani said Iran stands at the forefront of the campaign to establish and promote international peace and friendship.

Iran has been engaged in an untiring push to reconcile the level of its defensive power with the gravity of the threats that are poised to it on the part of its enemies, most notably the United States and Washington’s regional and extra-regional allies.

Relying solely on indigenous knowhow and equipment, the Islamic Republic has developed its military power into a state-of-the-art and effective defensive machine that is in the service of the country.