2021-October-18 18:17

Tomb of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili

TEHRAN (FNA)- The monument of Sheikh Safi al-Din was built in the early 16th century until the end of the 18th century. This valuable and historic place was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. This place is made using traditional Iranian architecture and utilizing the maximum available space and there are various types of sections such as library, mosque, school, reservoir, hospital, kitchen, bakery and several office buildings. The shrine of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili is the largest, most complete and prominent home. The tomb is also of great value in terms of artistic and architectural masterpieces and the display of basic mystical principles throughout the world. Ilkhani and Timurid architecture, inspired by Sufi philosophy, have created new types of spaces and decorative patterns. This collection, which is the tomb of the founder of the Safavid Dynasty, has kept its sanctity and value to this day. [PHOTOS]

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